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(c) Amy Frontino Photography |
(c) Amy Frontino Photography |

I’m old fashioned. I understand that the core of every successful working relationship is a great personal relationship. Sure, I’m happy to email, text, conference call and webinar – but sometimes I’d rather chat on the phone and meet in person.

I want to see your production line, meet your employees – I’ll even go on a sales call or two – my goal is to know your business as deeply as possible so I can dig in and get to the heart of what makes you special. That way, I’m not just applying a standard list of strategies and tactics; I’m doing exactly what’s right for your business. After all, your success is mine as well.

I’m an honest, upfront person who isn’t afraid to show you who I really am. Hence, the following list.

I started my business in 2000. It continues to be an amazing journey.

I used to sit stroke on a dragon boat team. I loved the teamwork and being part of the human engine that drove the boat forward.

I live a caffeine-free life (get to know me and you’ll understand).

I have identical twin boys named after a brand of beer.

A colorful Excel chart makes me strangely happy.

My family calls me “monkey.”

I never lost a client because of a broken relationship. Budget issues, now that’s another story.

I love connecting people and businesses and watching the magic as they find ways to help each other.

I have been an extra in TV spots for 3 different clients and in the studio audience for the Dr. Oz Show.

I went tandem skydiving to cure my fear of heights. It didn’t work.

I fear that all of our technology will create a generation of completely disconnected kids who have no interpersonal skills but extremely agile thumbs.

I once swam with wild sea lions in the Sea of Cortez.

I genuinely love people and hearing their stories. You can learn so much if you just listen. Tell me yours. Let’s see how I can help.