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“Marci is extremely smart, creative and results-driven.  Her seemingly limitless positive energy, along with her ability to multi-task and produce high quality work while meeting tight deadlines make her one of the best professionals I have ever worked with.”
Carol Norris-Smith, Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs

Barnabus Health
“I have had the pleasure of working with Marci for over 15 years. She is a true marketing professional with the ability to not only identify key marketing opportunities but also to develop successful communications strategies that generate results. She has a keen marketing mind and has recommended for our organization key branding solutions that have set us apart.”
– Michael J. Slusarz, VP, Marketing & Public Relations, Barnabas Health


Salt Shaker

“In 2011, we were a six year old organization with a multi-pronged approach and an unclear message. Marci facilitated an entire new marketing and branding approach for us in practically no time at all. We were blown away beyond expectations. Her work has helped taken us to the next level as a non-profit charity, allowing us to reach more people, spread our message, and raise funds and awareness for the cancer community. We wouldn’t be where we are without her!”
– Bart Saidel, Salt Shaker Foundation


Burlington Press“I have had the pleasure of working with Marci for a number of years. She brings a great wealth of skill, experience and marketing savvy into a project. Marci has this uncanny ability to quickly get to the root of an issue and find a creative solution. She is also great at building consensus among diverse groups. Best of all, she is a bundle of positive energy and is a lot of fun to work with.”
– Rich Lewis, Owner, General Manager, Burlington Press


Red Attic Studio“Whether it’s writing copy for an ad campaign, putting together a marketing plan for a start-up business or just general creative brainstorming, I can always count on Marci to come at things with a fresh and original perspective – that combined with her strong work ethic and easy going personality make her a starting player on any creative team.”
– Joe Castro Brevoort, Owner/Art Director, Red Attic Design Studios


Hypno Design“Please DO NOT hire Marci. You’ll take her away from working with us, and we just cannot accept having her working for anybody else. It’s selfish I know, but she is simply too valuable an asset and too great an individual, with her superior intelligence, wit, unbridled energy and encyclopedic marketing knowledge for us to do without. I cannot recommend Marci to you, for all these reasons.”
– Richard Cardona, Owner, Hypno Design